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Once upon a time… Carabi

I remember like it was yesterday sitting on the swings by the beach, watching little girls in white socks with their plats flying in the wind.  The air was filled with the smell of sea-salt, crepes, and marshmallows. The idea for Carabi came to me during one such nostalgic moment, as I watched an old family movie from the 1950’s. I kept thinking of Shirley Temple, with her pretty smile, her little print dresses, always stylish and impeccably pressed.  My memories are filled with my own real-life girlfriends like Martine, or Caroline, who were happy being children, rather than trying to mimic adults.  By bringing Carabi back to life I hope to find again the true freshness of childhood.... the smell of chocolate, gingerbread, and cooked apples and cinnamon.   Children at home on Sunday evenings, proud of their pretty pyjamas as they kiss their family good-night…”

Carabi is a classic children’s’ clothing brand founded in the 1950’s. During its heyday in the 60’s and 70’s Carabi touched the hearts of families across France and around the world with its timeless designs, cementing its place among the great classic brands in children’s’ fashion.

Lost for nearly thirty years but never forgotten, this great name from the past is being relaunched by artistic director Vanessa Dubost.

Using the finest Italian cottons, Carabi’s range of children’s clothing evokes the memories of French children’s couture from its golden age, with a vibrant contemporary twist.  Carabi’s complimentary range of children’s furniture is produced exclusively in France. 

Carabi brings to life the dreams of today’s children, blending these with the childhood memories of their own parents.

After a career working for fashion brands Vanessa Dubost has brought back to life one of her favourite childhood dreams.


"On their return from Alsace, realizing the immensity of my grief, my father made a promise:" Next year we will go to Pierre-Châtel with your brothers and sisters to see the house of your maternal grandparents and find Your cousins, and Maman will make you make for the occasion a whole summer wardrobe. "So I spent the winter choosing fabrics, ribbons, stripes, buttons and drawing the said collection.Ms Legrand sewed, sewed, and I was trying, I was trying, and I did not like it because I was dreaming of CARABI brand clothes sold in my father's stores. "

Extract from the book "Une vie et cinq minutes" by Catherine Painvin, Creator of the brand "Tartine et Chocolat"